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"Serving The Financially Underserved Population In Our Community"

Welcome to the website of the Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS).

DBAS was established in 1969 by Public Law 11-40. The operation of DBAS is based on the following mission statement and goals, developed as integral components of its strategic plan.

Mission Statment

The mission of the Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) is "to serve the economic and development needs of the community of American Samoa through affordable financial services."


  • Continue to promote residential development in American Samoa by providing affordable mortgage loans for new home construction and home repair activities.
  • Further the development of the private sector and the economy of American Samoa by providing commercial loans to start-up and existing businesses.
  • Facilitate disbursement of loans and grants offered by US Federal Agencies directly to the qualified residents of American Samoa.


Public Notice:
- IT Assistant (job vacancy)
- Receptionist (job vacancy)
- Special Project (Loan Package).




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Throughout the years DBAS has evolved into a SOCIO-ECONOMIC Development agency for American Samoa in order to:

  • Provide American Samoa with lending and investment facilities;
  • Assist in the promotion of private enterprise; and
  • Meet the needs of developing the economy of American Samoa.

DBAS is also the Conduit for US Federal Assistance Programs to facilitate:

  • Housing for low income families and individuals; and
  • Promote and develop entrepreneurship

DBAS offers a wide range of mortgage and commercial loans to customers in American Samoa. The funding source that supports the mission and goals of DBAS are limited to income generated by affordable interest rates, and modest fees from US Government Grants and programs.  DBAS is a non-profit organization (per American Samoa Code Annotated 28.0106) and is authorized to accept additional sponsorship from all sources.

ASCA 28.0105 (a) states: The capital of the bank [Development Bank of American Samoa], together with all funds and credits that it may obtain from any loans, credits, grants, or other advances from the United States government, or any related instrumentality empowered to make funds available to the bank or any international finance institution or from private financial institutions that may provide loans or credits to the bank, shall be available for investment by the Bank, whether  in the form of loans or stock in enterprises controlled by private individuals, partnerships, or corporations engaged in business or industry of whatever nature, that are deemed to conform to the objectives of furthering the economy of American Samoa.

The Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) is a semi-autonomous agency within the American Samoa Government. A contribution or gift to DBAS for exclusively public purposes is a charitable contribution for tax purposes under 26 United States Code (U.S.C.) sec. 170 ( c ).

Organizations such as US Federal or Non-governmental Organizations, U.S. or international finance institutions and private financial institutions that seek to sponsor programs to enhance the quality of life of targeted population sectors in American Samoa are invited to contact the DBAS Admin Dept.